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Thanks Updated 15.03.06 Virtual Tour of Mel Please join us - added 20.02.06

Planning and preparation started in Johannesburg after flying down to South Africa from the UK. The car, Mel had to be bought and made ready for the long trip and then it was time to get down the road. Concerned about our lack of off-roading skills, we were planning to take a 4X4 course, probably a good idea considering the outcome when Andrew last drove a 4X4.

To get to the real starting point we drove through Lesotho, to the South African east coast and along the famous Garden Route down to Cape Agulhas.
Stuck in the sea

After that we also visited Cape Point and Capt Town, just to make sure we had covered all the Capes. Then at last we were heading north.

Up the western side of South Africa, to Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania (with a trip to Zanzibar), Kenya and then a detour to Uganda. Back to Kenya and then the hard part started. The next three countries, Ethopia, Sudan and Egypt are infamous for the begging people, terrible roads and hassling touts respectively. We had heard the stories and now we faced the reality.

If we make it through we will be saying goodbye to Africa and hello to the Middle East, travelling through Jordan, Syria and then the gateway to Europe - Turkey. Once in Europe we will be hitting the end of winter, our planning having put the risk of malaria and heat exhaustion over the risk of hypothermia. Some serious car arcticising will have to be done as well as new clothes and snow tyres.

Burgaria is the first country in Europe we will enter, then up along the eastern block countries to Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. We will catch a ferry to Finland and up past the Arctic Circle to Norway and North Cape!

Then back home to see our family and friends in the UK.

Well that is the plan ... only time will tell ... so keep watching!!

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