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March 06

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Virtual Tour of Mel Please join us - added 20.02.06

There are many people to whom we owe our thanks for helping us throughout our journey. Many of them were complete strangers, who took pity on the crazy English people who were driving 38,000 km through Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Scandinavia in a monstrous lilac truck. And of course we had a lot of help from all our family and friends back home. We have really been inspired by how much people would put themselves out to help us.

Special mentions have to go to:

Bruce, Jayne and family who let us stay at their lovely home in Johannesburg whilst we got Mel ready for the trip. They were so patient putting up with us, even when the planned two weeks gradually turned into a month. We would never even have started without them!

Moyra Aston, Andy's mom who did an amazing job putting this website together, if it had not been for her enthusiasm it may never have got off the ground. It has been a great way to stay in contact with everyone.

Jim and Moyra, Andy's parents were also always at the other end of the phone, helping with too numerous to mention little (and big) problems. Anne Mills, Cheryl's mum was also great looking after her money, house insurance claims and more. I hope we didn't stress our parents too much, especially with the scary tales.

The Finnish people were some of the friendliest people we met and if it hadn't been for those Finns who gave us time and help we may not have made it to North Cape. Rein and his family lent us, free of charge, some snow tyres, without which the icy roads to North Cape would have been too dangerous to drive.

But of course, throughout all the countries we met some great people, who helped pull us out of sand, pushed us up slopes, gave (sometimes imaginative!) directions, brought us tea when broken down, offered food and shelter, translated, gave tips and warnings, jump started the car, gave us access to the internet, fixed Mel and generally made the trip possible.

There are too many people who helped us to mention them all, but you know who you are.... and thank you!

Andy and CherylJourneys end

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